March 23, 2023
Start your Quran journey today with Noorani Qaida!

Start your Quran journey today with Noorani Qaida!

Looking to start your journey with the Quran and want to Learn Noorani Qaida? You’ve come to the right place! We’re here to provide you with everything you need to take on this lifelong journey, from tools and resources to individualized coaching and expert instruction. No matter where you are on your learning curve, we can help you further develop your fluency in the Arabic language and deepen your understanding of the Quran.

What is Noorani Qaida?
Because Prophet (SAW) lived in arid desert places, it was very hard to make copies from a written book, so they would memorize it orally.

Who needs it?
If you want to follow what’s in The Noble Qur’an, need to recite for a special occasion, or just want to teach your children how to read Arabic, then you’re probably wondering what you need. You’ll notice there are multiple translations to choose from; while they may vary in artistic presentation and accuracy, they’re all completely sufficient for memorization purposes.

Why we are passionate about it?
Learning how to read and memorize The Noble Qur’an is one of the most powerful acts of worship a Muslim can do. Reading and understanding The Noble Qur’an helps us develop our relationship with Allah (SWT). When we are new to learning, it can be a daunting task, but iQra’ Academy makes it easy and fun to learn while following authentic Aqeedah. At iQra’ Academy we aim at making Islam very understandable and convenient for our students. Our dedicated staff will work individually with every student as they embark on their personal quest in understanding The Quran. Come join us in starting your very own journey towards being an excellent reader of The Noble Qur’an inshaAllah.

Get started with us today
The best place to start learning is from a local teacher. If you don’t have one in your area, consider reaching out to a certified scholar and having them assess whether or not you’re ready for formal instruction. In some countries it is illegal for any individual outside of an authorized Islamic center or institution to teach you Quranic Arabic – so make sure to do your homework before meeting up with anyone who claims they can help. Be wary if someone asks you for money; so expect free teaching, too.

3 ways we make it easier for parents, teachers and students

  1. Access to experts – We only work with teachers and mentors who have a thorough understanding of recitation, Tajweed and Hadeeth. 2. Learning at home or school – You can learn where you are most comfortable: in our classrooms or online 3. Curriculum designed for you – Parents choose what they would like to focus on in their child’s program 4. Personalized coaching – Coaches tailor practice sessions to make sure you stay focused on reciting correctly 5. Easy payment options – Paying for your child’s course is simple with flexible monthly installments 6. Exclusive access to contests, trips and events 7. Enhanced learning experience 8. Ongoing support 9. A supportive community 10. A positive attitude towards learning

Frequently Asked Questions Section
Q: Who uses noorani qaidah? A: All age groups use it. It is very useful for memorizing Quran. Children, teenagers and adults can all benefit from it. Our method of learning makes it much easier to remember text than conventional methods, as well as giving an understanding of grammar at a very early stage.

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