March 23, 2023
Wordle #523 Hints, Clues, and Today's Answer for November 24th

Wordle #523 Hints, Clues, and Today's Answer for November 24th

Greetings on Thanksgiving, Wordless! Perhaps my favorite holiday of the year is this one. Although I also adore Christmas, primarily for the same reasons I love Thanksgiving, it’s similar to Christmas without the gifts (and pressure and commercialism involved with gift-giving).

I think I also enjoy the holiday lights and cozy winter atmosphere. Driving around, I enjoy observing the many houses with festive lighting. In my house, I adore the aroma of a Christmas tree. I adore Christmas music and all the customs that go along with it. I simply dislike how the holiday shopping season has devolved into a mad scramble to locate the ideal presents for everyone. The present is you. All of us are gifts. The gift of time spent with loved ones. Not everybody possesses that. Not everyone is as fortunate.

And Thanksgiving is wonderful because of that. Even if there aren’t any lights or music, the main focus is on spending time with loved ones and reflecting on our blessings. That and trying to stop the turkey from taking over the globe while indulging in a tonne of great cuisine.

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